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Topics that Need to be Kept Away from Your Date

1. You are dependent on your mother

Your loved one does not need to know that you lived with your parents until recently only because it was comfortable to have your mother close to you. No woman will accept a man depending on his mother’s care. If you tell her this, she will start thinking that your mother can influence your relationship with her.

2. Things that your mates do

If you have close friends that like to do crazy stuff, do not inform your potential girlfriend about it. If they want to go to a strip bar, she will not be happy and may become frightened about the ideas your friends can place in your mind.

3. The excess of porn movies

Your potential girlfriend does not want to know how many porn movies you watch a week, so spare the details. Maybe she is not disturbed too much but she can ask herself questions like: ”Do I satisfy him?”, ”Does he have a fetish?” or ”Is he mentally deranged?”

4. You liked her girlfriend before

…but because she said: ”No way!” you turned to her instead. Even if you realize now that it was the best choice possible, such a confession can make your present relationship dysfunctional. No woman would ever like to be second choice; she would not think this is a funny event or just fate.