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Things You Can Do To Stay Healthy after Breakup

(1) Do not have contact with your ex. Both of you need to take advantage of any time apart you can get. Be sure the time away is no less than a month. If you are fighting constantly, this will be best for you and for them. It also gives you time to get your life going in the right direction. Don’t worry about your ex in this month away.

(2) Get together with friends you have neglected since your relationship began. Being with the people who care about is one way to heal your wounded heart. If you have a close knit family, go to them during this time period too. All your friends and family want for you is to be happy.

(3) Do you have a hobby? Use this time to focus on it. However, if you are the type of person who loves going out, then be that socializing, charming person you know you are. Go out with friends if you can get them together. It’s two healings for the price of one.

(4) Do something new for or to yourself. Get a new hairdo, buy some clothes and get some exercise. Join a gym. Of course, you need to be sure you have some money to do anything of these things. If you really want to stay cheerful, exercise is the best healer for a wounded heart. You not only begin to heal physically but emotionally too.

(5) Now that you are single, go out and enjoy the status for awhile. You don’t have to start dating but being recognized and feeling wanted can do plenty for that self esteem and self confidence that has been shaken.