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Talks about Money in A Relationships

1. Give time to the discussion

It does not mean that you need to select a precise day for “talking about money” but you need to think about a period of time and a previous preparing. You must know what are the main issues, how to direct the talking and draw a conclusion.

2. Do not totally impose yourself

It is a fact that you have different plans of how to use money, but this does not mean that your opinions are better or your investments are more successful. Anyhow, no matter how good your ideas are, you don’t have to forget that the talk is not about your money only but the money you get together.

3. Be flexible

If she has an idea about an investment, don’t say “no” without even listening to her. Listen to her, to her ideas, have some of your own, better ones, and everything will be Ok. Do not get stubborn to prove she is wrong especially when you make it out of pride.

4. Do not get bossy

Even if you are office manager, do not get imposing. If you come home and say “this money will be enough”, it will not be Ok. Maybe you will not get a drastic reaction, but she definitely will want to spend all you’ve got. Talking about money is as serious as all other problems that appear in your relationship. No matter how great love is, it can be fragile.