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Sustain A Relationship

Its always good to remind one another that you love each other if you want to sustain a relationship. Every once in a while take time to do something special for the person you love. It could be something as simple as doing their laundry or preparing a simple delicious food. You can also write little love notes and slip them in their pockets or handbags. You can also leave a note on their monitor. Telling someone you love them sometimes is not enough. You have to say those words when you mean them and you have some feelings. Sometimes when you keep telling someone you love them it becomes something automatic, something you have got used to and you just say it because you are used to saying it. Make your partner know that you love them and that they are the one for you.

Appreciate you partner. Whenever they do something good you should appreciate them. Criticizing them will only make them detest you and it won’t be long before they want to break up with you. Its easy to overlook the good that someone has done and only see the wrong. You should also recognize their effort. After all they might be doing their best and just because they did not do their best according to your standards it doesn’t mean they did not do their best. Make sure they know that you appreciate every little thing they do. Do not forget to thank them if they went out of their way to make you comfortable or if they were there for you. Sometimes a simple thank you can sustain a relationship.

Always respect your mate. Just because you have been with them for such a long time and you are so used to them it doesn’t mean you should stop respecting them. Respect is something everyone deserves. Looking down upon your mate is not going to help much if you want to sustain a relationship. Even if your partner lost their job and they can not provide for the family give them their due respect. If your partner does something that you do not agree with there is always a way you can correct them without being disrespectful. You might want to say exactly what you feel but if its a disrespectful hold it. Sometimes silence says more.