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Strong Woman in Relationships

Is the longest relationship you have ever had been a month or two and even that survived because you literally begged the man not to leave you. Well, a lot of women are in a similar situation and no matter what they do, the men in their lives take a run for their lives immediately they start dating them. The friends around you seem to be having long and lasting relationship while you on the other hand cant seem to attract any one and the one you attract cant seem to stay. It is time you become a woman a man can not simply ignore.

It is time you sat down and tried to analyze what you used to do in the previous relationships that your partners run. If you looked deeper you will realize that they all complained of the same things. Never ever nag a man. A nagging woman is the most annoying thing to a man. There is a degree of nagging that a man can take and for your case, they could only be taking if for a few months. After the three months, they simply cannot not stand it. You could be nagging about him not coming to visit you as often as he can, or him not giving you enough attention. Just because he does not love you the way you would like to be loved, doesn’t mean, he does not love you. Stop nagging and keep a man with you.

Try to keep the relationship active by doing different things. Play with him, go out, do something out of the ordinary with him. Doing the same thing over and over again is boring and it will not be long till you bore him out of your life. Go watch a movie or go dancing in a local club. You do not have to spend a lot of money going out. You can even go and take a stroll in the parks and enjoy the fresh air. Every time you feel your life has become more of a routine, change it. Changing it could be enough reason to keep a man interested in you for a long time.

Do not expect the man to pay all your bills in your relationship. Be independent a little. Not too independent to make him feel you do not need him in your life. Let him get some of the bills when you go out. Once in a while split the bill and help him pay. Be an interesting person to be with. Give him a reason to miss your company. Do not be gloomy all the time, smile once in a while. There is power in a smile. Do not be needy and act like you need him so much. It is a great turn off. If you follow this small advice you will certainly be a woman a man would want to keep for life in a relationship