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Reduce Divorce Risk

To actually reduce the divorce risk, you need to be committed since it is not an easy task. A recent research has revealed that courtship period should be around two years on average. If courting partners walk down the aisle after a short period of meeting and knowing each other, they might have a short married life together. This is likely because they overlooked some very crucial details about each other. The human social behavior is a complicated phenomenon which cannot be uncovered in a few months. Take time to know your life-long partner before you commit only to divorce at a later stage. On the other hand, dating couples who drag their feet to the church are less likely to stay married forever. For five years you have been waiting to find something to bond you. reason being their is no true love and passion in your relationship.

Late commitment is an indication of reluctance. Reduce the divorce risk by splitting up and finding love in a more passionate individual. Did you know you are increasing the divorce risk by cohabiting with your lover? Studies have revealed that dating partners who choose to ‘test drive’ their partners in their living space have high chances of divorcing. You should go straight to the alter for an everlasting marriage. Believe or not if you marry when you are past the age of 25 your marriage stands a better chance of surviving divorce. Immaturity might have brought you together only for maturity reveals your different interests and priorities.

Love is blind and so many people hide under this umbrella. It is good to be realistic as you choose a partner and married life for that matter. If you fail to discuss the paramount issues together before marriage, the truth will eventually catch up with you in marriage. Never live to say “i was in love so i made a mistake.” Discuss about finances, the children you both want, and the rest. Always argue and agree to disagree but come up with a solution. Arguments do not predict divorce but how you go about it says a lot. All the discussions should be done in good faith and respect for one another in order to reduce the divorce risk.