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Overcome Relationship Jealousy

Overcoming Relationship Jealousy can be easy. First and foremost you have to work on your self esteem. As much as you think it has nothing to do with it in relationships it does. When someone doesn’t think and feel better about themselves they will always become jealous of the people around them. For example, if your boyfriend or girlfriend spoke to a person you thought was far much handsome than you or beautiful, that would be reason enough to be jealous. You will have it in your head that your partner is talking them only because they are better than you. You will even stop believing your partner is with you because they love you and they want to be with you. No matter how many times someone tells you are good if you do not believe it in the first place, you will not be convinced. So work on your self esteem

Be satisfied with what you have. In order for you to rise above the Relationship Jealousy feeling you should become satisfied with what you have. If you do not have something you can work hard to achieve it instead of feeling jealous about some other person who has what you do not have. A feeling of not having enough can make someone become jealous of things they think the other person has better than them.

Lastly trust your partner. If you trust your partner you will find it hard to be Relationship Jealousy. Whenever you trust your partner you will not feel jealous whenever he or she makes a stop to talk to a friend. You will know it in your heart that you are the one he or she loves and the one they would like to be with. Even if they went to talk to the most handsome man or woman you will not be shaken. You can also make a conscious choice not to be jealous and with time you will yourself becoming less and less jealous until you get rid of this negative emotion. Remember though, you are not the only one struggling with jealous there are thousands other people and just like you they are trying to overcome this feeling. It is an unhealthy thing to have in a relationship. Get rid of it.