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Knowing Your Relations is Finally Over

Your relations is finally over if your partner avoids you. They no longer want to be seen with you and they would do anything not to be seen in public with you. In fact if you were to go in a certain function together they will make sure that you reach there at different times. They will either tell you that they will get you there or that they will not come only for them to appear there and tell you they changed their mind. When they are there they will not also want to spend a lot of time with you. They will find someone or something to do to completely avoid you.

Your Love relationship is finally over if you no longer find anything your partner says to be funny, In fact, you would prefer it if they never said a word. You think whatever they say embarrasses you before your friends yet this was not the case just not too long ago when you were in love and everything that came out of their mouths was music to your ears. Their jokes stop being jokes and every time they say something you give them a very rude answer or ask them to just shut up. You should know that it is over and get out before you hurt each other more. You are being resentful to your partner and chances are that you stopped loving them and you might even stopped trying to.

You should know your Love relationship is over if you cannot wait to leave your partners company. If you had agreed to meet for an hour you start looking at your watch way before the time like fifteen minutes into the meeting you are already thinking of where you will go after this and that you are definitely not having fun with your partner. Every minute you spend with your partner is agony and you feel like its a punishment. That is enough to tell you the Love relationship is over and its time to move on and get yourself someone more interesting and someone you can love more than you currently do the one you have that is if you love him or her at all.