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Category Archives: Relationships

Steps to Get Your Boyfriend Back

# Break off Contact ‘ While it may seem futile to break off contact, this time away gives your ex and you some time to think and miss each other. As crazy as it sounds, it’s the best step of all. Remember how hurt you are feelings. The emotions you have are going to make you feel nuts. When you take the time to sort them out, you can find out how you really feel about your ex.

When you are constantly in one another’s space, it can cause more issues and hard feelings to the point of driving the other person away. Your intentions may be good but it is best to give him the space they need to work on themselves. You also want them to miss you so steer clear of him. With this period of no contact that should last a month, they’ll wonder why they dumped you. They’ll end up missing you. That is what you want.

# Appearances ‘ While you give your ex some time to just be alone, start working on your appearance. It will prove your most valuable asset. When you work on both your outward and inward appearances and show your ex that you can move on without them in your life, and then it makes them think, ‘What have I done?’ You may still feel the pain from the breakup but they don’t have to see that.

Try to get yourself as glamorous as possible. You don’t have to be a natural knockout to get your ex’s attention. You just have to find that one or two features that make you look beautiful. It can be fixing your hair, getting a new wardrobe to go along with your fantastic look or getting your teeth whitened should you feel the need. Whatever you need to do to get their attention (without looking like you have done just that) then do it. You want to turns heads so just do it.

#Public Mingling ‘ Now that you have the look, get out there with some friends. Hit the clubs, bars and parties. Chances that your ex is among the crowd will be good but remember do not talk with them. You want them to see you having a good time. You may even get him to notice you getting hit on by other guys in the outing. These men can lift up your downed spirits. What better way to rub into your ex’s face than seeing you happy like even when you don’t feel so happy? When he sees you acting happy, he’ll start to wonder why he let you go in the first place. Then his mind will play back what he saw and it’ll make him go nuts. You achieved what you tried to do.

While it may not always work, nine times out of ten, men begin to miss the women they were with. Once in his head, he’ll start thinking about ways to see you again. When that month of no contact has passed, go ahead and talk with him again.


Things to Do to Fall In Love With Your Relationship

Show your partner that you appreciate all that they are and what they do. If you keep appreciating someone and not highlighting all their short comings they will love you even more. This is because they will know that you love them for them and you do not expect something more in return but just love and understanding. They will end up falling for your personality. Do not also forget to be yourself and not someone else. If you are yourself, everyday there will be something new about you, something interesting that your partner would like to explore. This way your partner will be falling in love with the person that is you.

Be flexible and fun to be with, do not be rigid to a point where your partner cannot suggest anything out of the usual and expect you to be happy about it. If you are not fun to be with, its more than obvious that your partner will not fall in love with you over and over again. This is because many people, In fact most people want to have some good company, someone who would make them laugh even when there is nothing to laugh about. Someone who they wont have to make an effort to entertain them but someone who when they are together, they both feel comfortable and fun to be with. That way, you will make your partner fall in love with you again every time you have a conversation and you make them feel great about themselves or something.

Make your partner feel wanted, needed and loved. Involve them in everything you do and make them feel like they are part of you. Tell them you love them and when you need them, make sure you tell them. This way, you will make your fall more and more in love whenever he or she thinks that you love them and that you need them. Love is a process and it needs to be natured the correct way of loving people will guarantee that the person falls in love with you all over again but if you go about it the wrong way, love will never survive long.

Knowing Your Relations is Finally Over

Your relations is finally over if your partner avoids you. They no longer want to be seen with you and they would do anything not to be seen in public with you. In fact if you were to go in a certain function together they will make sure that you reach there at different times. They will either tell you that they will get you there or that they will not come only for them to appear there and tell you they changed their mind. When they are there they will not also want to spend a lot of time with you. They will find someone or something to do to completely avoid you.

Your Love relationship is finally over if you no longer find anything your partner says to be funny, In fact, you would prefer it if they never said a word. You think whatever they say embarrasses you before your friends yet this was not the case just not too long ago when you were in love and everything that came out of their mouths was music to your ears. Their jokes stop being jokes and every time they say something you give them a very rude answer or ask them to just shut up. You should know that it is over and get out before you hurt each other more. You are being resentful to your partner and chances are that you stopped loving them and you might even stopped trying to.

You should know your Love relationship is over if you cannot wait to leave your partners company. If you had agreed to meet for an hour you start looking at your watch way before the time like fifteen minutes into the meeting you are already thinking of where you will go after this and that you are definitely not having fun with your partner. Every minute you spend with your partner is agony and you feel like its a punishment. That is enough to tell you the Love relationship is over and its time to move on and get yourself someone more interesting and someone you can love more than you currently do the one you have that is if you love him or her at all.


Tips to Keep Your Partner Trusting You

Do not lie to your partner. As much as you think there are some things that are better off told as a lie, you shouldn’t. Every time you lie to your partner you give them a reason not to trust you again. People have been known to lie through the phone, it is actually an easy medium to lie because your partner is not looking at you. The phones have brought with it so much joy but with it good relationships have also been shattered. The phones in my view have contributed equally to our partners not trusting us. When you lie through the phone your partner might still find you out and they will not trust you again. Resist the urge to lie over the phone, be it giving the wrong position of where you are or what you are doing at the moment. Tell the truth always

If you want your partner to trust you in your good relationship, do not keep reminding them that what they did was wrong and that they hurt you a lot. You might want to use their guilt and to make them feel more guilty so that they become nice to you but there is a degree of blame that our partners can take. And anyway, too much of something is poisonous. So they did something wrong, get over it and forget it. Do not keep reminding your partner of things that they did in the past that really hurt you. You will only be pushing them away and they will not trust you enough next time to tell you something they did, reason being you will only keep referring back.

If you want your partner to trust you in a good relationship, you should share some personal information with them. If you do not tell your partner things about you, they might interpret this as you are not really interested in them and they will not trust you in return enough to tell you things that affect them in their day to day life. You give trust to someone, they will give it back to, but that will only work if you also imply to them that you can be a person to be trusted by not repeating what they told you in confidence to someone else.


Strong Woman in Relationships

Is the longest relationship you have ever had been a month or two and even that survived because you literally begged the man not to leave you. Well, a lot of women are in a similar situation and no matter what they do, the men in their lives take a run for their lives immediately they start dating them. The friends around you seem to be having long and lasting relationship while you on the other hand cant seem to attract any one and the one you attract cant seem to stay. It is time you become a woman a man can not simply ignore.

It is time you sat down and tried to analyze what you used to do in the previous relationships that your partners run. If you looked deeper you will realize that they all complained of the same things. Never ever nag a man. A nagging woman is the most annoying thing to a man. There is a degree of nagging that a man can take and for your case, they could only be taking if for a few months. After the three months, they simply cannot not stand it. You could be nagging about him not coming to visit you as often as he can, or him not giving you enough attention. Just because he does not love you the way you would like to be loved, doesn’t mean, he does not love you. Stop nagging and keep a man with you.

Try to keep the relationship active by doing different things. Play with him, go out, do something out of the ordinary with him. Doing the same thing over and over again is boring and it will not be long till you bore him out of your life. Go watch a movie or go dancing in a local club. You do not have to spend a lot of money going out. You can even go and take a stroll in the parks and enjoy the fresh air. Every time you feel your life has become more of a routine, change it. Changing it could be enough reason to keep a man interested in you for a long time.

Do not expect the man to pay all your bills in your relationship. Be independent a little. Not too independent to make him feel you do not need him in your life. Let him get some of the bills when you go out. Once in a while split the bill and help him pay. Be an interesting person to be with. Give him a reason to miss your company. Do not be gloomy all the time, smile once in a while. There is power in a smile. Do not be needy and act like you need him so much. It is a great turn off. If you follow this small advice you will certainly be a woman a man would want to keep for life in a relationship


A Crush

Every one of us has at least had a crush at one particular time or another. As we grow old, the number of times we have crushes gradually fades. That means that at one time or another you might be confronted with another crush and you had better be prepared to deal with it. You can say you have a crush on someone if you find yourself wanting to spend a lot of time with him or her, everything they do seem to be smart or nice even if it is not, or you have a big interest in someone. Some crushes go right ahead and develop into some good relationship while other develop into an obsession that is not good.

Regardless of what people say, you should let the person you have a crush on know about it. Believe it or not, after letting your heart out, you will feel much better and the pressure you were feeling before telling them will disappear. You will stop sweating whenever they are around, knocking everything down and simply going speechless whenever they pass around. You have to admit these are very awkward feeling to carry around and the faster you can get rid of it the better. Whatever the person you have a crush on says or does after you tell them should not worry you. It could actually help you get over them if they went ahead and brushed you off or asked you to stay away or it could lead to a wonderful relationship with them.

You can also ask the person out. It is important that you get to know the person and the best way to do this is to go out with them. Choose a nice place that you can be able to converse. People love intelligent people and good conversationalist. If you have the two combinations, make use of them and charm your date to liking you. When you are out with them, do not do something crazy that will make them run away from you. Just like any other first date, do not get drunk or be late in picking them up or arriving at the agreed place. Keep time and dress decently. Try to make them like you too and get into a relationship with you.

Finally be yourself. It is a crush and you are bound to act weird but try as much as possible to act normal. He or She is a normal person with feeling just like you and me. You love them and most probably obsessed about them. But do not over do it and in turn drive them away so that everytime they see you they make a run for it. Treat him or her like you would treat any other person or your friends. Do not make it hard for them to approach you. You can never know, the feeling might be mutual. If you act and sound disinterested when you are around your crush, you will drive him or her to detest you. Remember, there are crushes that can lead to wonderful relationships, so be nice.


About Honest in Relationships

Too much of anything might not be good for you just like being too honest with your partner might not be. We all have secrets and perhaps some secrets are better left unsaid. If you have a new partner and you feel you want to trust him or her i would tell you to go right a head and trust them. What i will not tell you is to be totally honest. Its possible to trust someone without necessarily telling them everything about yourself. Sometimes being too honest can ruin your relationship. Being too honest might not be a good thing.

We all want to know exactly what the person we are having a relationship with thinks or do but sometimes what we do not know will not hurt us. There are things that our partners do that if they told us we would never love them again. We might also never look at them the same way we used to look at them before they told us the truth. The respect you had for them also disappears because they did something that you would not have dared to do yourself. That is why sometimes letting what happened in the past be in the past is a good approach to life. You should be satisfied with what you know about them and trust them enough not to hurt you.

However, sometimes being honest is good. Telling half truths sometimes only worsen the situation. Sometimes being honest saves the partner from finding out something through other sources. Things that you should have told them yourself before they found out from someone else. Relationships have been known to break because a partner could not simply tell the truth or that they hid some truth from their partner. Being honest will also help you be at peace with yourself. You will not worry about your partner finding out something you did from some other people. You will rest knowing what ever you did your partner is okay with it and that they are supporting you and they love you just the way you are.

Whatever you decide in your relationship and whatever your heart feels comfortable with is what you should do. If you feel being totally honest with your partner will not change the way they see you then you should go ahead and tell them everything and not hide. However, if you feel your partner will judge you and maybe leave you then you can choose to tell them half truth. At the end of it all, there has to be some level of honesty in your relationship. You will be the one to decide how much will hurt your relationship and how much will not. Know the person you are relating with, get to know what they expect of you and what they do not. If the person can not handle the truth, spare them and tell them half truths, if they can bear to be told the whole truth and nothing but the truth, go ahead, knock them out, they will recover.


Why Women Stay In Abusive Relationships?

Among the serious reasons why women stay in abusive relationships is because of lack of knowledge. The bible says that my people perish because of lack of knowledge. Information is a very important tool especially in relationships. In a relationship, two people from different families live together and it is not as simple as it sounds. Women have limited knowledge about legal and housing rights. Some know about it but have problems in expressing themselves. The language becomes a problem and the responses from the service providers discourage them to open up. Lack of funds and also living in isolated areas inhibit them from getting the appropriate help. Another major reason is economic dependency. Money is the root of all evil. People put up with trash especially if there is money.

A woman might choose to stay in an abusive relationship just because the idea of being a single mother sends a chill of cold blood down her spine. The society has demonized single mothers as people who are not complete and are criticized at any given opportunity. The church will intimidate the woman and her children, the children might be ridiculed at school and the responsibility of raising the children alone might be scary. The woman might lose her job and the legal wrangles concerning finance and property are not any less tasking. Many reasons why women stay in abusive relationships surround the issue of children. They are the major reason women put up with abuse in relationships. They want the best for the children and more so to grow up seeing their father.

Among the reasons why women stay in abusive relationships is isolation. Their partners have made sure that they have created social isolation in their lives. They are separated from sources of any support. They are not close to friends and family so they cannot tell them about their ordeal because of fear of judgement. Another reason has to do with cultural beliefs. They have been brought up to believe that being a wife and a mother is the only good thing. Their culture teaches that divorce is wrong. They often feel emotional confusion. There are conflicting feelings of shame, fear and care for the violent man. They keep on hoping that things will get better. Their self esteem is destroyed and so they don’t believe they can do anything on their own.

Overcome Relationship Jealousy

Overcoming Relationship Jealousy can be easy. First and foremost you have to work on your self esteem. As much as you think it has nothing to do with it in relationships it does. When someone doesn’t think and feel better about themselves they will always become jealous of the people around them. For example, if your boyfriend or girlfriend spoke to a person you thought was far much handsome than you or beautiful, that would be reason enough to be jealous. You will have it in your head that your partner is talking them only because they are better than you. You will even stop believing your partner is with you because they love you and they want to be with you. No matter how many times someone tells you are good if you do not believe it in the first place, you will not be convinced. So work on your self esteem

Be satisfied with what you have. In order for you to rise above the Relationship Jealousy feeling you should become satisfied with what you have. If you do not have something you can work hard to achieve it instead of feeling jealous about some other person who has what you do not have. A feeling of not having enough can make someone become jealous of things they think the other person has better than them.

Lastly trust your partner. If you trust your partner you will find it hard to be Relationship Jealousy. Whenever you trust your partner you will not feel jealous whenever he or she makes a stop to talk to a friend. You will know it in your heart that you are the one he or she loves and the one they would like to be with. Even if they went to talk to the most handsome man or woman you will not be shaken. You can also make a conscious choice not to be jealous and with time you will yourself becoming less and less jealous until you get rid of this negative emotion. Remember though, you are not the only one struggling with jealous there are thousands other people and just like you they are trying to overcome this feeling. It is an unhealthy thing to have in a relationship. Get rid of it.


Reduce Divorce Risk

To actually reduce the divorce risk, you need to be committed since it is not an easy task. A recent research has revealed that courtship period should be around two years on average. If courting partners walk down the aisle after a short period of meeting and knowing each other, they might have a short married life together. This is likely because they overlooked some very crucial details about each other. The human social behavior is a complicated phenomenon which cannot be uncovered in a few months. Take time to know your life-long partner before you commit only to divorce at a later stage. On the other hand, dating couples who drag their feet to the church are less likely to stay married forever. For five years you have been waiting to find something to bond you. reason being their is no true love and passion in your relationship.

Late commitment is an indication of reluctance. Reduce the divorce risk by splitting up and finding love in a more passionate individual. Did you know you are increasing the divorce risk by cohabiting with your lover? Studies have revealed that dating partners who choose to ‘test drive’ their partners in their living space have high chances of divorcing. You should go straight to the alter for an everlasting marriage. Believe or not if you marry when you are past the age of 25 your marriage stands a better chance of surviving divorce. Immaturity might have brought you together only for maturity reveals your different interests and priorities.

Love is blind and so many people hide under this umbrella. It is good to be realistic as you choose a partner and married life for that matter. If you fail to discuss the paramount issues together before marriage, the truth will eventually catch up with you in marriage. Never live to say “i was in love so i made a mistake.” Discuss about finances, the children you both want, and the rest. Always argue and agree to disagree but come up with a solution. Arguments do not predict divorce but how you go about it says a lot. All the discussions should be done in good faith and respect for one another in order to reduce the divorce risk.