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Avoid These Mistakes after Break up

(1) – Drunk Dialing

One of the first things you need to know is that alcohol is never a problem solver solution. Though it can dull the pain you are feeling at the time, too many people drink way to heavily after a breakup. This leads to the overnight drunk dialing call. This is the time you are most depressed.

However common the situation, it should be avoided. Why? If you are aiming at getting back together with your ex, you can damage in chances of doing so with this late night, depressing call. If your ex happens to pick up the phone, the chance of you making a fool of yourself is likely. If you get the voicemail, any message you leave won’t have them returning your call.

(2) – Text Message Terrorism

Don’t you hate when someone calls you over and over and over and over and.. well, you get the picture. The same goes for your ex. Don’t call, email or text message your ex repeatedly. Chances are they really don’t want to talk to you at that time. Your intentions may be good but all you are doing is driving them nuts and earning the nickname psycho.

When you are desperate, calling your ex over and over is easy to do. Yet, your goal to win them back will be strained because desperation is not a pretty quality. All you will do is drive him or her away and you may find them avoiding you completely. Can you still get him or her back? You can but it’s extremely difficult after this.

(3) – The Endless Slump

A breakup finds many people depressed, depressed enough to stop going out and having a good time. People suffering from a breakup will let life pass them by instead of getting up out of bed and facing the day. For these folks, the outside world does not exist.

This never ending slump you have put yourself in is quite harmful. It keeps you from achieving what you want most… to get back together with your ex. If you are in school, you start missing the work. If you work, you may lose your job. Friends will start to avoid you while you are depressed because it’s likely all you will talk about. Until you realize your depression, the behavior will drain you of any energy.