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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Overcome Relationship Jealousy

Overcoming Relationship Jealousy can be easy. First and foremost you have to work on your self esteem. As much as you think it has nothing to do with it in relationships it does. When someone doesn’t think and feel better about themselves they will always become jealous of the people around them. For example, if your boyfriend or girlfriend spoke to a person you thought was far much handsome than you or beautiful, that would be reason enough to be jealous. You will have it in your head that your partner is talking them only because they are better than you. You will even stop believing your partner is with you because they love you and they want to be with you. No matter how many times someone tells you are good if you do not believe it in the first place, you will not be convinced. So work on your self esteem

Be satisfied with what you have. In order for you to rise above the Relationship Jealousy feeling you should become satisfied with what you have. If you do not have something you can work hard to achieve it instead of feeling jealous about some other person who has what you do not have. A feeling of not having enough can make someone become jealous of things they think the other person has better than them.

Lastly trust your partner. If you trust your partner you will find it hard to be Relationship Jealousy. Whenever you trust your partner you will not feel jealous whenever he or she makes a stop to talk to a friend. You will know it in your heart that you are the one he or she loves and the one they would like to be with. Even if they went to talk to the most handsome man or woman you will not be shaken. You can also make a conscious choice not to be jealous and with time you will yourself becoming less and less jealous until you get rid of this negative emotion. Remember though, you are not the only one struggling with jealous there are thousands other people and just like you they are trying to overcome this feeling. It is an unhealthy thing to have in a relationship. Get rid of it.


Reduce Divorce Risk

To actually reduce the divorce risk, you need to be committed since it is not an easy task. A recent research has revealed that courtship period should be around two years on average. If courting partners walk down the aisle after a short period of meeting and knowing each other, they might have a short married life together. This is likely because they overlooked some very crucial details about each other. The human social behavior is a complicated phenomenon which cannot be uncovered in a few months. Take time to know your life-long partner before you commit only to divorce at a later stage. On the other hand, dating couples who drag their feet to the church are less likely to stay married forever. For five years you have been waiting to find something to bond you. reason being their is no true love and passion in your relationship.

Late commitment is an indication of reluctance. Reduce the divorce risk by splitting up and finding love in a more passionate individual. Did you know you are increasing the divorce risk by cohabiting with your lover? Studies have revealed that dating partners who choose to ‘test drive’ their partners in their living space have high chances of divorcing. You should go straight to the alter for an everlasting marriage. Believe or not if you marry when you are past the age of 25 your marriage stands a better chance of surviving divorce. Immaturity might have brought you together only for maturity reveals your different interests and priorities.

Love is blind and so many people hide under this umbrella. It is good to be realistic as you choose a partner and married life for that matter. If you fail to discuss the paramount issues together before marriage, the truth will eventually catch up with you in marriage. Never live to say “i was in love so i made a mistake.” Discuss about finances, the children you both want, and the rest. Always argue and agree to disagree but come up with a solution. Arguments do not predict divorce but how you go about it says a lot. All the discussions should be done in good faith and respect for one another in order to reduce the divorce risk.

Sustain A Relationship

Its always good to remind one another that you love each other if you want to sustain a relationship. Every once in a while take time to do something special for the person you love. It could be something as simple as doing their laundry or preparing a simple delicious food. You can also write little love notes and slip them in their pockets or handbags. You can also leave a note on their monitor. Telling someone you love them sometimes is not enough. You have to say those words when you mean them and you have some feelings. Sometimes when you keep telling someone you love them it becomes something automatic, something you have got used to and you just say it because you are used to saying it. Make your partner know that you love them and that they are the one for you.

Appreciate you partner. Whenever they do something good you should appreciate them. Criticizing them will only make them detest you and it won’t be long before they want to break up with you. Its easy to overlook the good that someone has done and only see the wrong. You should also recognize their effort. After all they might be doing their best and just because they did not do their best according to your standards it doesn’t mean they did not do their best. Make sure they know that you appreciate every little thing they do. Do not forget to thank them if they went out of their way to make you comfortable or if they were there for you. Sometimes a simple thank you can sustain a relationship.

Always respect your mate. Just because you have been with them for such a long time and you are so used to them it doesn’t mean you should stop respecting them. Respect is something everyone deserves. Looking down upon your mate is not going to help much if you want to sustain a relationship. Even if your partner lost their job and they can not provide for the family give them their due respect. If your partner does something that you do not agree with there is always a way you can correct them without being disrespectful. You might want to say exactly what you feel but if its a disrespectful hold it. Sometimes silence says more.


Things You Can Do To Stay Healthy after Breakup

(1) Do not have contact with your ex. Both of you need to take advantage of any time apart you can get. Be sure the time away is no less than a month. If you are fighting constantly, this will be best for you and for them. It also gives you time to get your life going in the right direction. Don’t worry about your ex in this month away.

(2) Get together with friends you have neglected since your relationship began. Being with the people who care about is one way to heal your wounded heart. If you have a close knit family, go to them during this time period too. All your friends and family want for you is to be happy.

(3) Do you have a hobby? Use this time to focus on it. However, if you are the type of person who loves going out, then be that socializing, charming person you know you are. Go out with friends if you can get them together. It’s two healings for the price of one.

(4) Do something new for or to yourself. Get a new hairdo, buy some clothes and get some exercise. Join a gym. Of course, you need to be sure you have some money to do anything of these things. If you really want to stay cheerful, exercise is the best healer for a wounded heart. You not only begin to heal physically but emotionally too.

(5) Now that you are single, go out and enjoy the status for awhile. You don’t have to start dating but being recognized and feeling wanted can do plenty for that self esteem and self confidence that has been shaken.