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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Things not to do When Trying To Get Your Ex On The Phone

– Don’t plead your case or beg them to give you a second chance. These things tend to fail miserably. Even if they come back to you because of this, they are already thinking it won’t work. Don’t beg!

– Even if they don’t call you back, don’t make it out like it is life and deal. This is quite futile and portrays you as the psycho ex who is desperate. Believe it or not, people, including your ex, are smart. He or she will already know there is no emergency. It’s just wise not to act like it is one.

– Don’t leave a message that lasts for hours on end on their answering machine or voice mail. Exes rarely listen to messages in its entirety. What you see in the movies is complete fiction so don’t rely on them for guidance. If you want your message to come across as sincere, this is not the way.

If you truly want to get your ex on the phone, simply remember these 3 things that you should not do. What should you use if you want to get your ex on the phone? It’s simple really… curiosity and self-interest. Try using the lines, “Hey, how’s it going. I wanted to tell you thank you because what you did turned my life around. Call me back when you get the chance. I’d like to thank you in person”. Your ex is bound to be wondering what in the world they did that made you feel so helped. It also lowers their guard because it doesn’t seem like you are trying to get back together with them.

Tips to Move On from Your Ex

Eliminate All Contact

No matter if you want your ex back or not, eliminate the chance for contact. Do not call them, e-mail them, visit them or text message them. Staying friends so soon after the breakup can be quite hurtful. Take a step back to calm feelings and nerves. This is a good time to do some healing. Being away from each other and out of each other’s face help keep a friendship together and a relationship less under stress. How long should you take a break from one another? The best time frame is about a month. After this month, you both should be able to see each other without screaming, yelling or bad feelings. If you do want your ex back, you and your ex can talk about it at this time.

What can you do during this break time that is supposed to be used to ease your pain? Actually, there are 4 things you can do to get into a better emotional state. They are:

(1) Try something new. It may seem crazy but get a new hairdo. If you can afford it, buy some clothes. Join a gym or go walking. Do something positive for yourself so you can feel good about yourself afterwards.

(2) Seek out friends and family that care and love you. These folks are perfect in healing a broken heart. Not only can they listen to you, they can also offer you advice. You can’t feel bad when you are around people who care for you.

(3) Remember those things you used to enjoy? Continue doing them or start them again. No matter what it may be… a hobby, some kind of sport, going out to the movies or the clubs. Don’t sit down to watch television. This is so mundane be active and be active with friends too.

(4) Go out with friends to the dating clubs. Even if your goal to get back together with your ex, you don’t have to start a new relationship with someone. The attention alone is a good feeling. You should be flattered with the attention you get.

These 4 things are great diversions and before you know, you’ll be healing your heart. If you want your ex back, devise a plan that helps you achieve that goal. Many people go back into the relationship without a plan and find themselves wondering what to say and not to say. Sometimes common sense just does not work when you are aiming to get your ex back.


Avoid These Mistakes after Break up

(1) – Drunk Dialing

One of the first things you need to know is that alcohol is never a problem solver solution. Though it can dull the pain you are feeling at the time, too many people drink way to heavily after a breakup. This leads to the overnight drunk dialing call. This is the time you are most depressed.

However common the situation, it should be avoided. Why? If you are aiming at getting back together with your ex, you can damage in chances of doing so with this late night, depressing call. If your ex happens to pick up the phone, the chance of you making a fool of yourself is likely. If you get the voicemail, any message you leave won’t have them returning your call.

(2) – Text Message Terrorism

Don’t you hate when someone calls you over and over and over and over and.. well, you get the picture. The same goes for your ex. Don’t call, email or text message your ex repeatedly. Chances are they really don’t want to talk to you at that time. Your intentions may be good but all you are doing is driving them nuts and earning the nickname psycho.

When you are desperate, calling your ex over and over is easy to do. Yet, your goal to win them back will be strained because desperation is not a pretty quality. All you will do is drive him or her away and you may find them avoiding you completely. Can you still get him or her back? You can but it’s extremely difficult after this.

(3) – The Endless Slump

A breakup finds many people depressed, depressed enough to stop going out and having a good time. People suffering from a breakup will let life pass them by instead of getting up out of bed and facing the day. For these folks, the outside world does not exist.

This never ending slump you have put yourself in is quite harmful. It keeps you from achieving what you want most… to get back together with your ex. If you are in school, you start missing the work. If you work, you may lose your job. Friends will start to avoid you while you are depressed because it’s likely all you will talk about. Until you realize your depression, the behavior will drain you of any energy.


Rules to Get Your Ex Back

No Contact with Your Ex

The first rule of thumb to remember is to immediately cut off any contact with your ex boyfriend/girlfriend. Many people think this is the opposite of what you should do. They believe that if they are out of the picture, their ex will suddenly move on. Actually, being in their face every waking moment is worse. You need to give him or her the time to miss you. By doing this, you can encourage them to give you a second chance because they have had that break. If you stay around constantly, it forces them to decide to complete end the relationship. So, stay away for at least a month.

Be With Friends and Loved Ones

It’s true that it’s hard to pick up the pieces once you have separated but you need to do just that. That first week is going to the toughest but eventually you’ll see you are back on your feet. When this happens, go see those people who love you and spend some time with them. Go out and do the things you used to love before you were in the relationship. That time away is a time to fix yourself and have some fun but if you want to get your ex back, be prepared for the gritty work.

Devise a Winning Plan

If you want to get your ex back, you need to come up with some sort of winning plan to get them back. Don’t expect your ex to put it together with you. Remember he or she broke up with you as their way of coping with what was going on in the relationship. If you want to get your ex back, you’ll have to come up with a strategy on your terms.